The List Keeps…

…getting longer and longer.

I’ve been really out of it lately – a side effect of the weight loss program I’m on – so I have gotten very little accomplished. Nothing has been written beyond the 22nd’s contribution to Midnight Red and a few more ideas for another work-in-progress. All my other blogs have been seriously neglected including the one pertaining to the weight loss program. Amazing how that happens.

Right now, I’m try to summon up the energy to get the sewing table and work top cleaned off so I can finally get to work on my brother-in-law’s Byzantine garb. I’m finding that challenging to do. It shouldn’t be but oh how it is.

My present goals are simple – get the garb done, get the house cleaned up and focus on getting results from the weight loss program. I had hoped to be able to get a lot more writing done while on the program but that is proving next to impossible. The program just makes me so tired and hormonal that it makes it hard to focus on the writing. Or anything else for that matter even my passion for reading is suffering a little.

My yearly goal of getting a novel fully completed by the end of the year seems less and less reasonable but cannot hate on the weight loss. Trying to lose over 1/2 of my overall body weight is a major goal that is very challenging yet the rewards of success cannot be measured.

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