The 30th Year

The 30th year of my life kicked off on Sept. 13th and while it had an interesting start, it hasn’t been a good one. I spent the 10th through the 13th away from home. Went to Las Vegas, NV to visit relatives and celebrate with fantastic culinary experiences. I had a pretty good time in Vegas but, after that, things went very wrong.

I became horribly sick with some kind of upper respiratory infection and I also had to start a new treatment for chronic pain. The treatment left me unable to do much of anything for two weeks. Being pretty much confined to a bed for first 10 of those 14 days because I was so weak was not my idea of ‘fun’. I’ve been back up and moving for a little over two weeks now but find that I am still adjusting to the new treatment. While it is helping the chronic pain issues, my brain remains a bit scattered and my muscles continue to battle with a bit of weakness.

I am starting to get back into the writing groove. It proves to be difficult and elusive because, at times, my brain is just too tired to hold a long train of thoughts. Like trying to hold a tiger by the tail but I cannot give up the fight. I miss the words too much to let go. Need the words. Always.

I dearly hope to be back to a more functional writing state very soon so I can start putting some serious writing time to the two major writing projects I have in progress and, perhaps, make another attempt at NaNoWriMo in November. Although, at this rate, success with  NaNoWriMo will be out of reach again which saddens me greatly but I will still try.

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