NaNoWriMo – Day 3

I know what you’re thinking, “But N.L., why are you posting now? It is only 4:40pm and a lot left to the day. Plenty of time left to write!” However, today’s writing isn’t going to happen past this blogging which I’m furiously typing up during a very short break also involving quick consumption of much needed caffeine.

For the past week and a half, I’m been “spring cleaning” my house as it needed it badly. Major health issues and the like over the past year have made it challenging to do a serious cleaning on the house. I finally have the energy (sort of) to get it done and surprisingly, I’m almost there with the 7 major rooms. Another inspiration for this mass cleaning is the desire to add to my collection of fur kids. I’m hoping to adopt a cat this weekend. Most of the local shelters are running adoption specials – through Sunday – which I’d like to take advantage of. This means I need to get everything done and cat proofed by Friday as I hope to adopt a purring ball of cuddliness on Saturday. A cat would be my 6th fur baby. It’s been 4-5 years since my last cat passed away and I feel it is time to get another one.

This afternoon, so far, I’ve been working fast and furious. Now have 3 of the 7 rooms done (aside from small mountains of laundry that need to be washed). The 4 other rooms don’t have too much left. One of the 4 remaining room is actually the guinea pig/hamster room and it will be the easiest to clean so I’m focusing on the 3 other rooms. I’m hoping to get at least one more room done tonight along with a few loads of laundry. If I can get this done, I may have time to write tomorrow but I may postpone writing until Friday so I can focus on cleaning completion. It would be very nice to get the cleaning done early.

Already exhausted. I may have a lot of energy compared to before but it still isn’t enough.

Aside from this break in NaNoWriMo, I’m immensely pleased with the progress I’ve already made and how the story is progressing. There’s some sections of verse I’m not too happy with because they feel stilted but I keep telling myself just to write and not to edit right now. That, after I get my 50,000 words, I can go back and fix the verses to something that flows.

Back to cleaning and cat proofing…

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