NaNoWriMo – Days 4, 5 & 6

Day 6! Holy crap…

In order to catch up, I need to write 2553 a day for Days 7 through 13. Ouch. Considering how mushy my brain feels after 1900 words, it is going to be very challenging. Oh well. I am determined to make that 50,000 word deadline. Art isn’t art without suffering. Really, truly.

To add more fun into the proceedings is that I’m not feeling very well right now. Not in the mood to write the evening nor to read. Behind in everything. My living room remains about 3/4 of the way done and I’d like to be done so I can finish turning it into my new office/workroom.

No writing for Days 4 and 5 either. Day 5’s highlight was the adoption of 3 year old male Domestic Short-haired cat who is solid black with green-gold eyes. I promptly named him Anubis. I had contemplated other names out of the Egyptian Pantheon but Anubis was just perfect for my newest fur baby. He’s settling in well. The female guinea pigs, Ma’at & Neferet, don’t seem to understand he’s a cat as they keep coming up to him and sniffing him. The male guinea pigs, Atum & Amun, are considerably more cautious and run from Anubis.

However, Anubis probably won’t be a threat to their well-being. The only one in the house who should be very considered about Anubis – and isn’t – is Khonsu, a Russian Black Dwarf Hamster. I ended having to move his cage into a bookcase to keep Anubis from opening up the lid. Every time Khonsu comes out of his house, Anubis is right there. Watching, staring and pawing at the glass. Khonsu is silly enough to comes up and scratches at the glass to say ‘hi!’.

Aside from Anubis’ antics, I did work on setting up some items in my new office/workroom – primarily building a 6 foot bookcase and adorning it with the non-fiction books of my library, rearranging the drafting table and other furniture along with random cleaning. I’ve tried to do more today but it just ended up being a lazy Saturday.

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