NaNoWriMo – Days 7 & 8

Sadly, other tasks in Day 7 thwarted my efforts towards ‘Silver in Darkness’ but I did write a poem in the morning – about writing of all things – and partook in two quick reads: Enchantress by Lynne Ewing and The Wraith by Goodloe Byron.

This morning, halfway between awake and asleep, I found my mind wandering into themes of ‘Silver in Darkness’ so I have ideas to write about but…

1. The morning featured many errands out of the house

2. Anubis wasn’t too keen on my long departure from home and is now very demanding for attention. Warm kitty tummies available for petting are hard to ignore.

3. I still find myself struggling to put conversations into proper verse and, of course, 2 of today’s intended scenes feature extensive dialogue sections.

I think my biggest issue with the verse – conversations aside – is that I rely on the organic process rather than actual poetic method. Today, a quick stop at the Carbon Valley Regional Library featured the searching & obtaining of a few books on poetic method in hopes that they will help with structural issues and – perhaps – inspire.

Off to work and hopefully I won’t have to rescue an overly curious Anubis from behind the dryer again.

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