NaNoWriMo Insanity

Getting great at procrastination? Absolutely. Behind in word count? Completely. Is NaNoWriMo even salvageable at this point? Good question, no idea. Writer’s Block? Maybe. How far behind in word count? Um…11,865 words. *hangs head in shame*

The irony of it all is that I really like this story and I have fantastic ideas/plot line for it – even ones my characters decided were needed – but I keep getting stuck even with the outline. On top of that, the last 1000 words or so that I’ve written is nothing more than bull plop in my opinion. Maybe it really isn’t but to me, pure bull plop. I’ve been attempting to jump around in the sequence because going in sequence was an exercise in absolute tedium but still stuck in muck. Strangely enough, conversations aside, it is getting much easier to write the verses and keep them on theme. When the verses actually decide to come out to play, it doesn’t feel like I’m getting a root canal trying to write them so kudos to me.

Distractions and currently poor health not helping. Chronic pain & fatigue + massive weather changes = one unhappy me. My primary distraction lately is Anubis and his warm tummy that demands to be petted. Anubis is very difficult to ignore especially when he decides that it perfectly acceptable to walk across Balthazar’s keys. Balthazar being the laptop. Yes, I named the laptop and if you are profoundly curious, the iPod is Dimitri, the laser printer is Dorian and the desktop computer is Severa. Bonus points to you if you know which book series the names come from although the desktop one is not that difficult.

Nerd? Why yes, yes I am. Procrastinating right now? Yes, how could you tell?

At this rate, I need to write 3000 words a day for a good 10 days straight or so to catch up (I think) but I’m lucky if I can put down at least 500 words right now. Not looking so good for me is it? Perhaps I should spend some quality time with my ideas and outline this evening to see if I can remove the blocks and plot holes in order to achieve a ‘smoother’ progression. I’m all out of ideas how to move forward and get 3000 words a day otherwise.

Part of me is so frustrated at myself and the other half is all like ‘WooHoo! Conquering the verse!!!’

Going to try to get some more verse out onto the page before calling it a night at free writing and then sit down to review the outline.

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