NaNoWriMo – Day 11

Came to the computer around 1:30pm today to write and write in an attempt to get 7000 words by the end. Did a preliminary word count. Was suppose to be 4805 but no…it came up as 3805. Oh the horror, tragedy, screams like a little girl. Ode to my horror here. Since then, I’ve been rebuilding the missing scene. In some ways, I prefer the new but also pissed at the missing words for being missing. So far I’ve typed out 1036 words or something along those lines. Most pleased with the progress although I’d be more pleased if it was 1036 on top of 4805 rather than 3805. Where do little words go when they go astray?

The scene I was forced to rewrite involves turning the town in which I live into a mass grave and setting for the further deaths and just a little romance. One may wonder how on earth a mass grave can be romantic. It isn’t per se. It more has to do with hormones on parade and animalistic instincts. Sadly, no body count yet. Haven’t started those scenes although one is on deck for writing today. Haven’t decided how I’m going to approach it yet. Debating between sharing it from the view of the aftermath and the MC or doing it from the perspective of the killer. The writing style of the story as a whole can support either choice. The killer’s perspective will be far more gruesome which could be a lot of fun to write.

Tired. Need more caffeine to gain more ‘perspective’ and since it quite cold outside (and inside), a nice caramel vanilla latte may be in order. Latte. Rub Anubis’ tummy for luck. Back to grindstone. Check.

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