NaNoWriMo – Day 12, Part 2

Success sort of but success nonetheless. I write this after cranking out 1814 words. 355 words shy of my ideal total and almost 600 words less of the NaNo Stats suggested word count per day to finish on time. Still happy though considering how hard it has been just to write and write more than 500 words. Stuck in a bit of rut though story wise. Something finally died which made me all kinds of happy and I set up one of the sub-plots. Go sub-plots go!

Right now, really tired and I have a full evening ahead of me. Sadly, napping isn’t much of an option because it will only be like 30 minutes before having to get up and prepare the rest of my potluck dish. Have to drink a bunch of caffeine and hope for the best. When did I become such a caffeine addict?

My biggest hindrance in writing today was surprisingly not my writing or computer-based distractions, it was Anubis. Every 20 minutes or so, he’d jump up into my lap then sit on Balthazar for a good 10 minutes while I made futile attempts to remove his 12+ lbs of cat-liness from the keyboard. He seems to think my pleading for him to move his butt from the keyboard is hilarious.

Part of me wonders if I can crank out another 600 words between now and 4:45pm or if I should just call it a day on the writing unless I feel inspired after the rest of the evening’s events have passed. I think waiting is going to win. The brain a little too mushy to continue right now.

*cue progress happy dance*

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