NaNoWriMo – Day 13

Day 13 already. Wow.

Looking forward to the write-in today and hoping the snowy weather holds off. I think it will. The weather radar stuff implies it will move in after the write-in is done for the day. I was going to attempt to finish off yesterday’s 600 words this morning but a. not quite awake yet and b. it has been challenging to write when there is constantly a 12lb cat on the keyboard going “pet me, now!” Really tired too. Anubis decided it would be funny to wake me up at 5am (after going to bed at 2am) then not letting me get back to sleep. He’s been very energetic all morning. Perhaps it is revenge for leaving him alone for almost 6 hours last night and having spent most of that afternoon on the computer.

I realized today that I’ve written enough poems for 2.5 chapbooks and this is just one work. It is also longer than several verse novels I have read. Considering that I still haven’t hit 7000 words, I am wondering if this project is just too ambitious. I suppose ‘Go big or go home’ applies to this situation. Going big, very big. Yesterday’s writing created some new plot goodies. Not plot bunnies, just some aspects to round out/fatten up the existing plot bunny. These aspects are completely out of left field. Uncertain how they will play out in the long run but they do add some additional artistry to the poems.

And leave it to my brain to come up with the next huge writing project – perhaps next year’s NaNoWriMo – while struggling with this year. Hating you so much, brain, but I will take you idea and file it away for later when I have more time to think about it. It is a really good idea. No. Need to focus on ‘Silver in Darkness’. Offer no other thought on the other. Bad me.

Back to the writing as today’s word count is currently sitting at 164. Ah, pathetic isn’t it?

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