NaNoWriMo – Day 15, Part 2

Presently, today’s word count is sitting at exactly 1667 words. Once I freed myself from the constant onslaught of Anubis, words came easily. I will be returning to Anubis shortly but optimistic that I may be able to get another 500 to 1000 words in before night comes calling in full force. Starting into the main battles of the overall plot which makes me happy. The sub-plots are still chugging away and the new ones continue to be standoff-ish with the others. Trying to rework the outline this morning did not work for me so I have opted just to go with the flow. Still have a partial outline that I drafted before November which I am still referencing as a guideline of direction and making allowances for the new sub-plots to play at their leisure. Current overall word count is 10, 449. Very far behind but I find myself quite pleased with my progress/achievement.

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