Anubis’ Chair

I finally found the solution to Anubis constantly attacking Balthazar while I am trying to work. His own office chair. The chair in question is one that has been around at least 18 years now. Maybe longer. It use to be the favorite sleeping spot of Magellan, my family’s cat who passed away in 2005. This chair ended up in my sister’s home 2 years ago. About 8 months ago, a stray cat – named Boots – had entered their lives for a short while and this chair was Boots’ favorite sleeping spot too. Two Sundays ago, the chair ended up at my house as my sister’s new smaller apartment did not have the space for it. Turns out that Anubis really likes this chair as a sleeping spot. Now when I sit down to the computer, he parks his fuzzy butt in his chair and takes a nap. Of course, I placed the chair just to the right of my desk so I can pet him when the mood strikes. There are times when Anubis makes a break for my chair – when I get up – because the spot is nice and warm but he is staying off of the desk and Balthazar. Never would have figured that a lowly and rather ugly blue fabric swivel office chair would be the answer to my work dilemma. Why the chair is so popular with felines remains a mystery but as long as it keeps Anubis from deleting more words from ‘Silver in Darkness’ (and shutting down my computer), it is most welcome in my home & office.

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