NaNoWriMo – Day 16 & Day 17

Both of these writing days featured write-ins. I find I write more away from home so I am very ecstatic about the concept of write-ins because it does beat spending time at the library all alone – although that is nice too.

Day 16 was 5.5 hours spent at Atlanta Bread. I spent 3 of the hours actually writing, .5 munching on dinner and 2 with the Northern Metro Area Writers’ Meetup. My word count came to a most impressive 2764. A whole new record for me as the previous was 2127. I was quite surprised at the word count considering I had gotten stuck with the direction of the piece. I ended up taking about 15 minutes and re-writing my “outline” to include the new patterns the story had taken on. I also expanded on those patterns into the beginning half of the story line. Current body count sits at 4 by the end.

Day 17 was 3 hours at Jack’s American Bistro with 2 fellow NaNos including one of my NaNo Writing Buddies, Alienor. The fabulous Alienor helped me out with a section that had been stumping me that evening. It turned out to be one of the more humorous verses involving the Greek Gods who have weaseled their way into my story.  Many thanks Alienor. Between copious amount of Diet Pepsi, a spicy queso-covered bison burger and a delicious wedge of carrot cake, I only got 1249 words written. I was really struggling to get the writing going last night. Current body count is 5 or is it…?

Even though I remain horribly behind, I am still immensely pleased with myself & my progress and look forward to completing ‘Silver in Darkness’ whether it is on NaNo’s timetable or not.

Today features another regional NaNo write-in which I hope to attend but it sort of depends on what happens with the ‘shit that hit the fan’ yesterday. I no longer have hot water as the less than 2 year old water heater decided to call it quits. For $700, it is a ridiculous defective piece of machinery as the other one had died after only a year. Sadly, only 1 company makes a water heater approved for manufactured/mobile homes so choices for a gas water heater is extremely limited. Looking at getting an electric one but the potential expense in the long-term is a wee bit terrifying. My washing machine also refuses to run properly. The barrel is currently full of water and I’m trying to get the water out so I can tilt the machine over and unclog this one section of the internal pipes (it frequently clogs) but it refuses to cooperate with me. Yes, it is fun times over here at Al-Bisslii. The insanities of home are another reason why I relish these write-ins.

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