NaNoWriMo – Day 18

Things are getting good over in the world of ‘Silver in Darkness’ and one of these days I will actually figure out the real title but Day 18 nor today is the day for such accomplishments. 🙂

Finally starting to get to the real meat of some of the major events lined up for potential writing goodness. The world is really coming into its own, setting its own rules that I’m scrambling to figure out and the characters (especially the main character) are being more well rounded. In truth, I was deeply concerned about character development and whether or not it would be stunted by the nature of the characters and by the nature of the verse novel. While verse novel allows for great descriptive mobility, I have found that certain works leave the characters a little cardboard cut-out as the verses continue on. Strangely enough, the odd inclusion of Greek mythology has ended up providing some of that additional character development as well as extra insight & conflict. Considering the idea came completely out of left field, I’m surprised that it has helped round out the story so much.

Yesterday I wrote 2583 words and somehow I feel as if I wrote nothing, given the progression of the story. Part of me was appalled by this feeling, wondering if something was wrong with what I had written but then I realized that it was a good thing. Good because it means the story has meat to it. I often get these ideas but no idea if they will stand the test of time and either end up being a very short verse or will end up being a novel-length verse. I take this feeling as a sign that this idea will stand the test of time, continue to inspire and end up being an ideal novel length.

I discovered both the joys and downfalls of writing sprints last night. The first sprint involved a completely new section of verse. I wrote quite a bit but I know I will eventually end up re-writing the entire section because it just isn’t up to par. The two other sprints went very well and were done on a section of verse that was already well under way. Most pleased what was written there and I am certain most of it will stay as is. The sprints ended up giving about 1550 words of my daily total.

Day 19 will feature another write-in and, most likely, more sprints which I’m looking forward to all around.

Total word count by the end of Day 18: 17,045

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