NaNoWriMo – Day 23, Part 2

Total word count for the day 3017 and I believe that is a new record for me. Maybe. I finally remember the essence of the verse I had put together while driving so I rewrote what I could. I like it. I think it will stay in the end – all 617 words. Might try to write more than 3100 words tomorrow so I can get “ahead” before the Thanksgiving weekend rears its ugly head.

Chores remain undone for the most part. Only Anubis’ litter box got my attention. It has only been 4 days since the last cleaning yet it was very smelly. Although not as bad as it had been before I put him on new grain-free kibble.

While I feel as I should be doing more writing in this evening, I find myself hanging out in a forum, posting and chatting. I feel so guilty. Cheating on my writing with a forum. Oh the shame. About to call it a night anyways. It is getting mighty cold in Colorado tonight. Perfect time to be snuggled up in bed with quilts and an Anubis cat.

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