NaNoWriMo – Day 23

2400 words into Day 23 and I am pissed. Earlier today, I was out running some errands when out of nowhere, it hits me.  I know the endgame for ‘Silver in Darkness’. Of course going 65 down a state highway, not the most conducive time to pull over and write it down. Even had the perfect set of verse running through my brain. Do I remember any of it once I have the chance to write? No, not really hence the pissed state of being.

The 2400 words that have been written are verses to fill in gaps to help get to the ‘endgame’ and rounding out a verse that was in progress yesterday.

In spite of progress being made, not feeling overly motivated today. Aside from writing and errands, I have household chores to tend to and I’m pretty much in ‘screw the chores’ mode. At least tomorrow I will be home the vast majority of the day so I can focus on the chores before an evening write-in. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate enough to allow me to attend the write-in as driving in the dark with snow and ice is so not happening.

Back to trying to figure out what was going through my head earlier. It is right there, just need to free it. I think.

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