Line Edits, Verse and Deadlines

For the past two days, I had been meaning to print out the current rough draft of Reaper’s Moon and continue work on a holiday short story presently called The Last Christmas which is based in the world of Reaper’s Moon. Unfortunately, I did not do such things during those days. Today – finally – I am printing out Reaper’s Moon and The Last Christmas so I can go over what I have already written and decide what more is needed. Thankfully, I emailed one of the staff for the contest I wish to enter The Last Christmas into and they said verse was fine. The original contest information was a little vague so I am glad I wrote for clarification.

I find great humor in the fact I am writing a story that revolves around Christmas – I do not celebrate it nor do I care for it in any capacity yet the main character in both pieces would have celebrated it. So I write about the most loathed of holidays in my calendar. It is most loathed because of the commercialization & bastardization of it rather than it’s historical merit and original intent.

After much babysitting of the printer to extract the 200+ pages, I now find myself facing a very daunting pile of work. Deciding what should be cut/kept, what more needs to be added & where. I will be starting with the short story of course because it remains on a deadline and is currently unfinished.

In spite of the ‘daunting’ feeling, I feel elation. Elation that I finally accomplished more than a short set of simple poems, that I have this novel being born. All the years of struggling to be/accomplish more have finally starting providing results. It is so lovely.

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