Music, Pets, Books…Oh My!

Been an odd week and a half over here at Al-Bisslii.

Anubis keeps ending up with facial injuries. Not sure how he keeps injuring himself but he does. Just last night, I discovered a new wound on his right lip. All the hair is missing. Fortunately, his wounds seem to heal quickly and the ones from earlier in the week already have fur growing back in. I find myself wondering if he’s somewhat masochistic…

I re-read books 1 through 6 of the Kitty Norville series by Carrie Vaughn. Also discovered that two of the books were autographed. (I had gotten the two as thank you gift kind of thing.) I finally read the last two books of the series for the first time. I found them to be quite good. Have yet to write any kind of review for them on Goodreads. Ever read a book where you enjoyed it immensely but are at a loss on why that is or at least fail to be able to put the reason into words?

Attended my first ever poetry jam. I had a good time. One of the new members is a musician, John Mieras, and he played some music for us which I really liked. I don’t typically go in for folk-ish music but one of his songs, Broken Spells, really resonated with me and it has been on constant replay since the meeting where he was kind of enough to give me his new CD, Painted Glass, even though I was without cash to pay for it. I will certainly bring cash next poetry jam for him. I really like the whole CD but the songs Broken Spells and Constellations are my favorites.

My holiday-oriented writing piece, The Last Christmas,  ended up not being very contest friendly as – taken out of the context of Reaper’s Moon – it makes very little senses or reads like there is a piece of the story missing. It’s a childhood memory of the main character so the context is important. Oh well, I got another piece of Reaper’s Moon done and that is important.

Aside from continued minimal work on The Last Christmas, I have not gotten a lot of writing done. More along the lines of a big fat zero. I did start line edits on Reaper’s Moon over the weekend but did not get very far. It was a pretty busy weekend.

Today I am suppose to be doing more line edits as well as reading two critique pieces for the writing critique group I am attending later today. Haven’t done any of that yet. Oops. I paid bills, cleaned out the email inbox, battled with the (once again) malfunctioning washing machine, cleaned off the computer desk, procrastinated with blog and dealt with an extremely needy Anubis cat but not much else. Sad since it is noon now. Where did the morning go? I had lots of plans for today…denied! Need to focus on the critique pieces because it would be really horrible if I attended my first ever meeting with the group and was unprepared.

2 thoughts on “Music, Pets, Books…Oh My!

  1. Sorry about Anubis and its little accidents. It might just be an adjustment thing. “Painted Glass” sounds great. I love folk-ish music.


  2. Thanks for the mention, glad you liked the EP. I’m embarrassed to admit I Googled myself tonight as I was looking for a Particular review of PG and saw this. Recognized your name right off. Maybe see you at another poetry jam? Cheers, John


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