I’ve been quite sick the past few weeks. I spent the first two just very run down and weak. Just before New Year’s, upper respiratory crud hit with a vengeance bringing pink eye and an ear infection along for the fun. Still not feeling all that great but I managed to be somewhat productive. Discovered yesterday that my primary email account had glitched in late December thus not sending out my critiques to three members in the Monday night writing critique group. So embarrassed. I managed to salvage two of the critiques/emails and sent them out today. The third is MIA and the piece is no longer up so I cannot download it and re-write the critique. So very embarrassing. I remember the piece sort of but I’d like a refresher.

Today I found myself at the library for awhile – salvaging critiques, doing a few line edits to Reaper’s Moon and put about 10 lines of verse down on the ‘Last Christmas’ section of Reaper’s Moon. All in all, not all the productive but it is better than nothing. I’ve barely touch Reaper’s Moon since November and I didn’t do any writing beyond critique since December 15th or so.

I did finish out 2010 with a fairly impressive count towards books read. 510. Not quite as good as 2009’s book count of 533 but still impressive in its own right since I did not read all that much during NaNoWriMo.

I recently tasked myself with finishing Reaper’s Moon by the end of Feb. At this moment, that is entirely unrealistic. Hopefully, I will feel significantly better by next week so I can get back to my speed writing ways that helped me get from 11 days behind in NaNoWriMo to being ahead of schedule by the end.

I wish I had a portion of Reaper’s Moon ready to critique for the meeting next week but I’m not sure which section I want critiqued and still uncertain if I want to share. I’m feeling very shy about my verse novel. I like it but at the same time, I’m concerned it is a giant ‘clusterfuck’. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and put it out there for critique which might be a very good idea.

One thought on “*headdesk*

  1. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well. Hope your recuperation continues steadily and you soon are back in the pink. Love you, sweetie!


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