Best Laid Plans Thwarted

While hyped up on hormones and subjected to a very restricted diet, I do not have much energy for things. Just going to the grocery store is exhausting. I was hoping – for this round – that I would have energy to continue work on Reaper’s Moon. Sadly, no. I’ve put a lot of thought into things to change per the critiques I received but my brain and the words just aren’t playing nicely. I should know this issue by now. During the rounds of hormones & diet last year, I spent most of my time sleeping or reading because I was too tired, weak and hormonal for much else. I’ve been reading quite a bit the last 3 days but today, I find myself feeling very apathetic towards reading. Not feeling the books in general and not liking what I’m trying to read.

This is an odd thing for me. It really is. So now, I feel like a complete slacker. I have a huge pile of research books waiting for me (along with all the fiction) and they are going to continue to sit there, waiting. Tonight was a meeting for a book club geared towards vampire fiction. I was very much looking forward to going but my body had other ideas as I battle severe nausea that anti-nausea medication isn’t helping so home instead. Pondering sleep even though it is barely 7pm. I feel awful and think curling up in my bed under warm quilts sounds heavenly. The Big Bang Theory beckons to be watched though so I’ll stay upright long enough to watch.

For all the discomforts I suffer at the hands of hormones & diet, I can’t argue with the results. Tuesday morning clocked in with 5.8lbs down, Wednesday with 3lbs and today with 2.2 lbs. This cycle is normal for the weight loss for me. The idea is to keep it above 1 lb lost each day but my body doesn’t always cooperate and often gets down to just 1/2 lb a day which is still better than nothing.

Tomorrow, some of the folks from my critique group are having an informal meeting to discuss the writing process. I want to go, I hope to go but, in the end, health will decide. Fortunately, the meeting is earlier in the day than the book club so there is hope that health will cooperate enough to let me attend.

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