Success! Maybe…

Today I went to the location of the Writers’ Critique Group’s  informal chat early in an attempt to get some work done. Feeling better today, I thought I give work a shot. I didn’t get much done in the 1.5 hours before the chat. Well, I had hoped to accomplish more. I did research primarily and made some revision notes. I came up with a good idea to replace the Greek gods who had weaseled their way into Reaper’s Moon so some research was required. I knew from the beginning that Greek gods are very overdone in fiction and the critique group stated it too. I had considered getting rid of the portions with the gods but the story came across hollow in places. While overdone, their presence – after a fashion – is needed for the story.

So I was faced with the decision of replacing them with entities not overdone and perhaps a little unusual. I did come up with something I think is a little unusual and may be perceived by some to be a little blasphemous. Blasphemy isn’t my intent, I just wanted something different. Something I hadn’t read in the paranormal & post-apoc/dystopian genres before. I need to do research for the appropriate names and personality quirks to make the new entities to work with in the verse already written. Some re-writes are needed to make everything fit properly but, all in all, it will be minimal revision.

I also decided which verse should be the new beginning. The verse in question was originally written in past tense third person so I spent today’s time rewriting it into present tense first person. The verse isn’t complete yet but it is getting there and I like it a little better in first person. Still figuring out how to work in the other critique suggestions but one step at a time, one step at a time.

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