Taking a break from writing critiques. Been writing a lot of critiques lately and not just for the group. I’ve written some book reviews that were more helpful critique than review. Several of the self-published works I had read, over the past few days, were really raw. Lots of potential but lacking in various areas so I figured I’d offered up some thoughts. I’m still new to this story writing game but I am a very avid reader. I know flaws when I read them.

On the matter of the writing game, I’m in software heaven right now. I discovered a few days ago that a Windows Beta version was out for Scrivener. Last time I had checked out the software, it was Mac only. No idea when the Beta came out but I love it and hoping the full version comes out very, very soon. The reason I really like this software is because it matches quite a bit of my existing writing process and has other bonus features I find immensely useful with the editing of Reaper’s Moon.

The current process involves putting all my ideas down on a large white board in my office then writing random pieces as the prompt words inspire me. The software as a ‘cork board’ feature which operates very similarly to the white board. Each piece gets it’s own page, I can easily rearrange the pieces and when I’m done, the software will compile all the pieces into one document for me. Since I was copying and pasting text like no tomorrow to compile before, I’m very happy to cut down on such a task. A task that can be fraught with peril due to accidental deletions of text and  improper transfer of text.

I’ve put most of Reaper’s Moon and its unfinished outline thoughts into the software already. I’ve done some writing and editing to Reaper’s Moon since the transfer. Feeling accomplished. Also feeling really great about my new higher powers/entities for Reaper’s Moon. They are working their way nicely into the current verses. There’s only a few minor things I need to change to be more in sync with the new culture base and other new personality elements. Finding that I need to get some language help to make things a little more grounded into the idea of my entities. Already found the resources I need. Just need to take some time to go through them.

Today is a rather upbeat and optimistic day for me. Feeling good about everything I’m working on. There’s still a lot more to do but I’m in a happy place and that is all that matters for the moment. Now if I can just convince Anubis to come and lay on my cold feet, I’d be a very happy camper. Oh and being down 16 lbs does wonders for the mood too. 🙂

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