Words, Dreams, Sleep

Sleep is overrated or, at least, my muse thinks so. My exhausted self endured a hyper muse for many hours last night. Much poetry was written although most of it makes next to no sense. I was half-asleep and kept writing because it was demanded of me. Even though last night’s words are rather useless, they were a nice catalyst for a piece I wrote up this morning. Sadly, not a piece for Reaper’s Moon but a nice piece otherwise. It’s a little dark and twisted – nothing new there. 🙂

The piece’s ideas come from some thoughts that have been swirling about in my brain for a couple weeks. The ideas still want more from me but there is contentment is just being one cathartic piece. I branched out a little in my writing style as well. It is writing in 3rd Person. The catalyst piece is written in 1st person but the ideas come across more completely in 3rd person which is very odd for me. I typically find my ideas to be a more complete and complex picture when put into 1st.

Starting to have very strange and vivid dreams again. Wonder if they will yield ideas for another novel as they did for Reaper’s Moon. Some of them seem very in tune to the basic concepts for Midnight Red, a piece I started in early 2010 but set aside because more planning was needed for it. It will be nice to pick up that piece again. I should try to complete Reaper’s Moon first before indulging my dreams and my muse on matters of Midnight Red.

I did have contemplations for a slightly more fulfilling and witty blog post too but those seem to elude me. Pipe dreams as it were. Just Pipe Dreams.

Going to try to work on Reaper’s Moon today. The cold I’ve been suffering from for the past week seems to be going away. This is leaving me a little more awake and a little less groggy mentally. Thus leaving hope that I will succeed in my writing endeavors.

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