Perfect Saturday

Early morning reading
Along with cinnamon french toast
A perfect Saturday morning
Only missing the latte
Needs to be remedied
As the eyes focus on typed words
Laying down thoughts on
Sleep inducing book
Trying to find motivation
To do more
More with this day
Other than write, read
And dancing among the music
Filtering through shadowed air
Refusing entrance to lackluster sun
Do not wish to surrender
To surrender to acts of tedium
Laundry, dishes, housework
No, want to give the self over
Over fully to acts of flittering
Just one more day of recuperation
Not too much to ask for
Is it?
The need to heal, to rest from illness
Such a driving force
To remain perched in comfy chair
With books at hand
Anubis curled into the lap
Purring, perfectly content
To spend the day this way

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