Results Are In

The piece I entered into the March Contest over at Devin’s Forum came in second with 15% or so of the vote. There was a tie for first with 18% a piece. All in all, very pleased with coming in second. The prompt for the March contest was a song lyric. The song I was listening to – at time of inspiration – was Strip Her Down by Cold with a variation of one of the song’s lyrics appearing in the second stanza.

She Brings

She brings out the secrets in others
Sees the secrets trying
Trying so desperate to hide
So much hate for her
Afraid that she will spill
Spill more than blood
When the day is said and done

She brings out the worst in others
Brings those skeletons out
To parade across her face
Strip her down and make the world a mess for her
Leave her black, blue and crimson
Shatter her so she no longer knows
Who she is, torn between the reality
And the visions she clings to
To hide from the monsters lingering under
Illusions of serene flesh

She brings out the worst in others
Brings out the worst in herself
As she cries out on bended splintered knees
In her mind’s eye
A mind fragmented, scrambling to cope
Scrambling to find a mask
That will make everything seem okay
The calm ocean surface
Hiding the death awaiting within
Much like those who leave her broken
Taking much more than their lies
From what she is
The tattoos of pain dancing
Across her torn skin
Torn in the agony of piecing her mind
Piecing her mind together again
Preparing it for another attack from enemies
She cannot see and see absolute
Bracing for another arrow of words for her heart
Another fist to find placement on her body
Always finding their targets perfectly

She brings out the hate in others
So she hates herself, punishes herself
For shortcomings she cannot unravel
Making her flesh bleed
Bleed out their words ripping her up
Ripping from the inside out
Seeping the hate out in little rivers
Rivers marking tracts along the scars
Little pain pictures for her to relish
If she could only remember how
How the marks got there

She brings out the violence in others
Only to wear it for herself
A testament to the evil she
Holds within that wants
To feel, feel the pain
Pain she can never tolerate
But cannot get enough of
So they strip her down and make
Her world a mess to sift through
Her fingers as she cries, bleeds
Making the clay to build anew

She brings out herself in others

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