Peeking Out From Under The Mountain

It is amazing how the concept of ‘Spring Cleaning’ can motive the most unenthusiastic workers when it comes to keeping things in their place. I have been on a cleaning binge lately although overall vision of progress is shockingly lacking. It makes me wonder, “What have I been doing?” A mystery to be solved at a later date, I suppose.

In addition to this odd cleaning fixation, I’ve been busy putting together the necessary information to start up a manuscript editing & critique business. After first, I was a little hesitant about actualizing this concept. I then realized that I already read 500+ books a year and have no reservations what so ever about expressing my discontent of editing failures I find in published works. It makes sense to turn my compulsive reading tendencies into something that helps other writers prepare their manuscripts for self-publishing, etc. and contributes funds towards my ever-expanding book and fabric collections. The business’ paperwork is being put together along with content for the website this week. Next week, everything should be submitted and the official launch should be the week following.

I confess that my cleaning fixation has led to the consideration to sell off a lot of my fabric collection including 10 yards of white linen that continues to sit forlorn on my sewing table – a good two years after purchase. I am optimistic that I will have enough fabric sorted through by the 9th so I can bring it to potential buyers on the 10th. If not, I sense an online “yard sale” coming in the very near future.

On the writing front –

I finished the first chapter of Reaper’s Moon and put it up for critique. I received a mixed bag worth of responses. The main comment that had the most merit to me was that I had put 80 words with ending of  ‘ing’ into a 1350 word piece. Not good so I need to go through and fix that. Other than that, the chapter is complete.

I finally came up with a title for the primary chapbook I have been working on. I need to figure out a few more pieces to put in it and come up with a cover. The end is in sight which makes me ecstatic. The hardest part comes next – formatting the chapbook for self-publishing and getting all that setup. Completely new territory for me but territory worth learning about.

Currently working on another contest piece for Devin’s Forum. This month’s theme is very High Fantasy in nature. Not normally my cup of tea but I do feel inspired to write something. Not sure if it will fit the theme but, in the end, writing is worth writing.

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