Playing with Cover Art

A good friend of mine, Devin O’Branagan,  has been dealing with the inherent difficulties of coming up with the perfect cover art for her upcoming novella, Show Dog Sings the Blues. Of course, all of our discussions over her novella’s cover has lead me to wonder what I should do with the cover of the chapbook. As I posted before, I had one. Well, the idea of what I wanted. Not being well-versed in the quirks of Photoshop and other similar programs, I was a little hesitant in creating my own cover even though my ideas were simple and straightforward.

Yesterday afternoon, Devin and I were talking and she mentioned that she often had a cover completed before the book it went to was done. Having a completed cover helped motivate her to finish the book sooner. I thought this information may find merit with my inspirations toward productivity so I spent about an hour last night trying to extract the leaves from their original background then spent 20 minutes this afternoon putting everything together.

I have always been fond of book covers that are simplistic yet stunning in their contrasts. Mainly, books with white or black covers that feature a single image of vivid color(s) and text to match. Originally, all the text for this cover was in the golden yellow color and a single font type but I did not care for it much. I really like the different font for my name and the word ‘Autumn’. I like having my name in the different color (which matches the undertone in the red maple leaf). I’m quite pleased with my result given my dislike of and lack of understanding with image manipulation software.

I, now, find myself contemplating what kind of cover image I should have for Reaper’s Moon. The story line is far more complex than the themes I have going for The Heart of Autumn. Sadly, that is a project for another day as I have a prompt piece to write, a business logo & website to put together and The Heart of Autumn‘s content to finish.

One thought on “Playing with Cover Art

  1. For many of the years I was writing and polishing “Year of Disunion,” I had a favorite Civil War photo framed and posted above my desk–it always was an important image to me–and I always thought it would be part of my cover. In early days of thinking about publishing, I had assumed a publisher would override that notion, however, so I didn’t get my hopes up. One of the beauties of self-publishing was that I did have control of my cover art and I could create it myself! Being a little bit of a computer geek, I was able to play with the image and come up with what I imagined–again, an advantage of doing it oneself. As long as it comes out, at least! 🙂


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