Weekend with Words

I spent some time on Friday searching for images that could potentially be good (and inspirational) graphics for Reaper’s Moon and the second chapbook that is getting really fussy with me. Well, the poems that want to go in it are. I also did some work on the business side of Muses’ Ink and scoped out CreateSpace a bit more.

Saturday, I went to a mass book signing in Longmont, Colorado at Barbed Wire Books. I’ve never been to any kind of book signing and this one was unusual because it featured 30+ authors. I spoke with several authors during my 40 minutes wandering around. Among the handful I spoke with were Cricket McRae and Blythe Forcey Toussaint. Both were very lovely and incredibly interesting ladies. I ended up getting Cricket’s book, Lye in Wait, while I was there. I wanted to buy Blythe’s book too but I was already at  my allotted book budget limit for the month.  😦 Next month, hopefully. Originally, I went to support the lovely Devin O’Brangan and I’m glad I went to support her along with meeting other local authors.

Today, I tinkered with an image I am considering for the Reaper’s Moon cover. While it is nice, I am not really sure about it. It needs more “punch” to it.  I’m presently doing more work on The Heart of Autumn‘s content which is rather daunting for the moment. It’s cold, grey and wet outside. The same as it has been since yesterday morning and I really just want to curl up with a book, a cup of chai and Anubis.

Anubis has the right idea this evening

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