Flaws & The Undertaker

Today, as I sat in a coffee shop, I discovered a little flaw in my normal writing method. I am addicted spiral notebooks and gel ink pens. I love the way they smell as they mix on the page in my odd looking script. This love has brought about problems for me. I find it difficult to believe that the only poems I had written since the end of November – aside from two – were for Reaper’s Moon. I know that Reaper’s Moon is horribly exhausting in the creative sense but surely, there were other works out there. I was flipping through one of my small army’s worth of notebooks and I found poems written recently. Problem is that I have no idea if they are a portion of something for Reaper’s Moon or a completely separate thought. I cannot decide. I’ve had a lot of “crossroads” thoughts lately. A major theme in these poems and in Reaper’s Moon so the home of these pieces is challenging to determine. Need to find a solution. Carrying more than one notebook is often impractical so should I start carrying more than just two pens in colors beyond the standard black in order to color-code my artistic interludes?

On a more interesting note, The Undertaker is real! As I was typing up this entry, a man entered the coffee shop who looked a lot like Nikolai, main character of my piece in progress, Midnight Red (and fictional member of the Russkaya Mafiya). I refer to Nikolai as the Undertaker and even constructed a poem entitled as such which served as the inspirational catalyst for Midnight Red. The Mafiya in Longmont? Highly unlikely but hello sexy Russian guy with lots of ink! Wish there had been  a camera handy. Yes, he was Russian. He was with a young woman and they were speaking to one another. I know just enough Russian to know they were speaking it but not enough to understand what exactly they were saying. Need to spend more time studying Russian.

There are days that I am glad that I occasionally leave the house to go and write. Today is certainly one of those days.

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