On Turbulent Waters

Awhile back, I had the opportunity to start editing work on professional level. I have no degree in this field but I have experience in account auditing and I’m profoundly anal-retentive when it comes to writing. Believe it or not, auditing is very similar in nature to editing. It does help that I read over 500 books a year. When you read that much, you learn and notice a great deal.

It turns out that I am a fountain of knowledge and great ideas in regards to marketing books. I’ve been encouraged to consider something along the lines of being a publicist. All is well and good with that idea and I have experience in Marketing/Advertising but did I mention I’m very shy when it comes to new people? One of the perks of writing/editing is minimal contact with people face to face on a daily basis.

For all of my knowledge and skill set, I realized that it means very little for me in the market of self-publishing. Poetry is not a popular genre and, outside of a very small YA niche, verse novels are an island all their own. So what’s a girl to do? Write and try one’s best. Every path has failures and stumbling points along it. The point is to try.

Even with a partially finished Reaper’s Moon and The Heart of Autumn in need of new formatting, I find myself with another verse novel on my desk. It demanded time for Camp NaNoWriMo. Dental Surgery at the end of June has put me behind schedule with the NaNo timeline but I still find myself drawn to the story. Unfortunately, it is one that requires far more research than Reaper’s Moon so I’ve been busy researching the various elements that need truth to them. The research is helping motivate the writing process which makes me very happy.

In addition to all this writing, I have four manuscripts to go through for editing & critique and small mountain of books to read. Never lacking for words in my life.

As long as Anubis stays off the keyboard and doesn’t get jealous over another manuscript, I’m in good shape to make great progress on everything for this month. And yes, Anubis got horribly jealous over the manuscript of Show Dogs Sings The Blues. He kept sitting on it and pawing at it every single time I pulled it out to read. I ended up having to go out of the house in order to read and edit it.

Today, Anubis is being very good about the whole ‘Mommy spending time on the computer’ thing. He’s been sitting on the back of my chair while I write, blog and research.


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