Adventures in Poetry

The Heart of Autumn and I hadn’t been getting along. I needed five more poems into the mix but nine or so were screaming ‘me! me! me!’. I finally made my choice of which five last night thus the primary content of The Heart of Autumn is done, done, done. Go me! Now is the time for the joys of the back cover description, the copyright page and formatting. Cannot forget the formatting.

A little lost on the standard for copyright page content and back cover descriptions when it comes to poetry books so I went to peruse my local library’s poetry section.

My first thoughts –

Sixteen Bucks for 30 to 40 poems! Ridiculous! One book had a forward – from one of their poetry professors – that was 15 pages long. 15 pages! The book plus the forward was under 100 pages. Insane.

My following thought –

Feeling really good about The Heart of Autumn‘s content and planned price points.

Part of me is still in turmoil over self-publishing The Heart of Autumn because it puts me out of the running for 90+% of the poetry contests out there but then I remember the last time I entered a chapbook contest. I was informed, rather bluntly, that my poems needed to be more uplifting and happy to be considered. One judge went so far as to tell me I need psychiatric treatment. Pot, Kettle? Anyone? The funny thing is that the poems in The Heart of Autumn and from said contests are not as dark and tormented as ones I wrote as a teen. They are dark but, as someone in a writing group once said, with an underlying veil of hope and beauty.

Tonight, I hope to get the description and copyright page done along with critiques, editing and some of the ever-present housework. Oh and read the book for Tuesday’s book club meeting. I have a profoundly busy week ahead and I’m running a week (or two) behind.

Back to the proverbial grindstone…

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