Insanity and Clarity

A lot has been going on here of late. One of my beloved fur babies – Amun – passed away on June 27th. I had dental surgery on June 30th and due to have another on Sept. 8th. Between my grief and my medical issues, I had a major flareup of chronic pain. A flareup that just won’t die. It fluctuates in severity with each day. In the beginning, I was sleeping around 20 hours a day. After about a week, it lessened to 10-12 hours a day. The last two days have been pushing 15 hours or so of sleep. Cannot seem to shake this flareup. Of course, all this fatigue and sleep has made me forget some very simplistic things.

Today’s ‘well, hell’ moment was the changing the name of my LLC. I’ve had a LLC since 2004. I established it for a different business purpose which is now defunct (more or less) so I’ve decided to rename the company to suit the purposes of my manuscript editing business as well as self-publishing. (It also works for the prior business if I decide to revive it.) Before everything went crazy at the end of June, I looked into what it would take to change the information – $10 and a printed form that needed to be mailed. Everything started falling apart the next day so this knowledge took a backseat. It eventually slipped my mind.

Today, I went back to research about the change once more and went ‘Well, hell! I could’ve had this done weeks ago.’ Tomorrow, will feature a run to the bank for a cashier’s check and a run to the post office to mail out the check and paperwork. Hopefully, it won’t take too long to get processed. The name change matter is all that stands between me and starting the formatting & printing process of the paperback version of The Heart of Autumn (and the posting of the eBooks). The Heart of Autumn is 100% done. I finished the description and all the other minor details late last week.

Trying to get back on “the ball” so to speak. Right now, I’m about a week and a half behind. This week was insanely busy and I spent more time out of the house & on the road than at home. Hopefully, I can get caught up next week on everything including the manuscripts that I am in the process of editing for others. My schedule has me home every day (except for a short trip to my mom’s house)  and I’m determined to keep it that way.

All the items I’m writing are on the back burner for the time being which is rather depressing but I haven’t been in the mood to write nor have I had time to really sit down and reflect upon my muse’s whims. Soon…

On an entirely different stream of thought, I am very sad that Borders is dying a most brutal death. It has long been the closest bookstore for new books near my home and most of the places I’ve ever lived. At least 85% of the 1500+ books I own are from Borders. Not sure where I’m going to shop for books now, and hoping that keeps operating for a little longer – I have several pre-ordered books that release between next week and the end of September which I used about $25 in Borders Bucks for. Shame for it all to go to waste. Supposedly, will be operational till September but I’m not so sure.

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