Holy Sh*te

Or the importance of backing up that data….

This Sunday started out like any other day. Woke up, turned on the computer, feed the fur children, logged into the computer, went to fetch the morning medications and the ever-important can of fizzy cola-like beverage then returned to the computer to check emails and the like.

One “tiny” problem – the monitor was streaked with colors instead of the usual content. Holy Sh*te!

I quickly hooked up the additional monitor and forced a reboot. No luck in getting the laptop to recognize the other monitor. Three more forced reboots and the additional monitor was finally recognized. While in ‘safe mode’, I quickly transferred all the important content from the laptop to the portable hard drive.

After all was said and done, I turned off the laptop and continued on with my other tasks for the day.

Come 4pm, I went back to the laptop with attached additional monitor in hopes of sitting down to write as I (accidentally) slept through my other afternoon plans. 6 forced reboots later, there was zero communication between the laptop and the additional monitor so I went to fetch the desktop computer. The desktop currently lives in what was once the office. The summer after I moved into the house, I discovered the room was unbearably hot so I moved my office into the seldom used living room and, by that time, I had a laptop which left the desktop there – lonely and sad. I got it moved and quickly discovered/remembered that the 6 year old desktop does not have a wireless card. I attached a USB-based one but the system failed to recognize it and the installation disk for the drivers is somewhere in my mom’s house. I did the next best thing if running 75 ft of cord and cable can be considered ‘the next best thing’.

The previous owners of my house tortured the house. When I moved in, there were a lot of things wrong with the place. Most were fixable including the lack of electricty in the old “office”. The one issue that has yet to be fixed is the phone lines. Currently, there is one (barely) working phone in the master bedroom. I ran a phone cord from the bedroom into the old “office” for the modem originally and then used a wireless router.

Now, the wireless router is disconnected, the phone cord is run from the master bedroom into the family room where the modem is now living then a 50ft. USB cable runs through the kitchen into the living room. Not ideal but it is the best I can do until I can get the laptop repaired and/or find the drivers for the USB-based wireless connector.

At this moment, I’m in the process of cleaning up the desktop’s content of all things that haven’t been used in at least 4 years then I will transfer all the important things from the portable hard drive onto it. Of course, I will be far more vigilant in backing up all my work.

I am profoundly grateful that the hard drive wasn’t the failure point for the laptop this morning because I hadn’t backed up the most important files in over a month. By most important files, I mean Reaper’s Moon, the current verse novel in progress, the entire collection of poems and the newly completed The Heart of Autumn. If I had lost those, I’m sure everyone in the state of Colorado would have heard me screaming in absolute agony.

The lesson learned here today – Backup everything constantly or you may find yourself up Sh*te Creek without a paddle.

Obviously, I haven’t gotten any writing done – except for this post – but tomorrow is a new day and I hope to have the desktop 100% setup so writing and editing can commence anew tomorrow morning.

One thought on “Holy Sh*te

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I do not back up often enough!

    Glad your experience wasn’t as bad as it could have been (especially since I live in Colorado and hate to hear people screaming in agony).


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