New Poetry Wednesday: Alice


Go ask Alice
Ask her, she always knows
Never speaks truths or lies
Just ask Alice
Know of surprise
Down the rabbit hole
In pretty dresses of tar

Go ask Alice
For a reprieve
After the white rabbit
Run and run to nowhere
Nowhere special, just ask Alice
Always staying, never aging

Just Alice over and over
A trifle droll most days
Sway, sway to make believe
Dances and songs
Only Alice can hear
Even when hums strike air

Go ask Alice in debonair
Tones with clacking tongues
Asking Alice spares never
Never a second glance
Unseen to the eye
Wailing in little stocking feet
To be noticed, cherished,
Asked a question
Wanting to break silence
With simple speech

Wait and ask Alice
She always knows
Watching when all else is blind
Go ask Alice

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