New Poetry Wednesday: Deeply

This week’s piece is from The Heart of Autumn in honor of it’s release.


Echoes sweep from lips as
They distort against agony
Lit up across skylines
Pay no attention to silent
Explosions locked in spines
Twisting, grinding while
Demise loves them deeply
Too deeply for even shadows
Lights blind then shielded
By grey velvet for mere
Bittersweet moments
Pull, pull the velvet away
Rip it to pieces with
A frenetic vigor unmatched before
Cling to the tattered grey and
Cry – no journey has ever
Hurt like this fury
Fingers tightly clinched around
Fading grey clouds demanding to
Reunite with their poisons in
The sky let them go
Floating away never easing
Unspeakable pain that still
Holds, twists and tears out
Any ounce of unquenched introverted
Humanity lingering in grey wisps
Clouding crying eyes protecting
The soul from truths only
Night whispers in veins

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