NaNoWriMo Day 1

It is finally here. NaNoWriMo. Not as prepared as I would have liked but giving it my best efforts.

Real life has greatly interfered with today so I find myself currently sitting at 505 words of the desired 2,000. There is still time to get that remaining 1,495 for which I am grateful.

Lys, the main character of Reaper’s Moon, has felt the need to wax poetic about her surroundings and how the surroundings have affected her mindset. She has a big mission ahead of her but is hesitant about having me write the mission. This hesitation is hindering the word count ability so I may move on to the second work, Midnight Red, I plotted out for this very type of occasion.

I’m technically working on 3 pieces for this NaNoWriMo because it is challenging to focus on one piece the entire time when dealing with verse. (10 of the poems in The Heart of Autumn were written during NaNoWriMo last year.) I still plan to finish the first draft of Reaper’s Moon this year but also hoping for significant progress on Midnight Red and A Hundred Flames.

I did learn some valuable tidbits today.

– Parking anywhere – even the library parking lot – in downtown Boulder costs money and is very hard to come by at 1pm. I do not see myself attempting to attend any other Boulder write-ins this year unless they are on the north side.

– The coffee shop 2.5 miles from the house is horrendously noisy and the chairs are extremely uncomfortable. Also, their drinks are not as good as the (exact same type of) coffee shop 10 miles south.

– My best bets for writing away from home are the local library (with free parking!) or the Panera Bread in Longmont.

Hopefully my writing locales can expand soon. My laptop’s new battery arriving this weekend. A properly functioning laptop battery is essential equipment for a writer on the go. It is amazing how a large number of coffee shops (and similar types of places) are not writer friendly because they do not have electrical outlets accessible to patrons.

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