NaNoWriMo: 11.11.11

Over in NaNo Land, there is a challenge for today. 11,111 words and/or 11 hours of writing time. I’m going with – what ever comes first. 50 minutes in and I have accomplished 1144 words which is impressive for me. 11,111 words seem extremely far-fetched and a somewhat asinine accomplishment for me but I’m going to try. Not only would it help me catch up, it would put me slightly ahead. On the upside, my cold – which has kept me rather sidelined – is starting to let up thus making word count easier to achieve.

At the end of my 50 minute crazy word sprint action, Anubis decided to come visit. I have an aromatherapy candle burning on the desk – the scent is suppose to help clear the mind and inspire creativity (it seems to help) – and Anubis jumped up on the desk then sniffed the flame. That’s right. He sniffed the flame. He backed off and ran away so fast that he was just a blur of ink and claws. (He’s fine. I think he lightly burned the tip of a whisker but he’ll recover.) Has my four year old cat never seen fire before? It baffles the mind. It ranks right up there with yesterday with a four foot tall stuffed duck had his hair standing on end. He was running around and hissing like the duck was alive and invading the territory. My cat – afraid of stuffed animals and sniffer of fire.

I should get back to the other writing even though I’ve been pretty much writing everything and anything but what I set out to originally write. I’ve only put down 1200 words or so toward Reaper’s Moon and another 1000 to Midnight Red. Twisted Fortunes has picked up a respectable 2000 words and The Yoder Girl picked up 500 words this morning. The rest of my current 13,334 word count has gone toward A Hundred Flames, general poetry and the tarot-inspired poetry project.

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