New Poetry Wednesday: Rose


As she lays still
Surprise in her eyes
An extinguishing flame
Strip her down
To love every inch
As she struggles to fight
Fight the feelings that will be
Be the last she will remember
Express love with a tight grip
As she wheezes out a plea
Delve deeper between her thighs
Share a kiss on her lips
Locked in screams, trapped
As she lays flopping
Under the force of forever love
Arousing the passion further
Never meant for it to go this far
True love has no boundaries
In the end, in the end of ends
Show her what her love has meant
With an even tighter grip
Preserving her here, now and eternity
Like the summer rose pressed
Pressed between a book’s pages
Expel life to keep her true
To show her what love means
Even as she turns blue

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