In Passing

The passing of time eludes me quite often. I have no idea how March 1st got here so quickly but it is here and I cannot help wondering, what evidence is there to marking the passing of January and February?  Other than the publishing of The Soul of Winter and continued work on The Tears of Spring, A Hundred Flames and Smoke & Spirit – productivity for those months was limited overall.

For all my plans and all my to-do lists, I am only inches from where I was in December. Either there is way too much chaos in my life and surroundings or I completely overestimate my ability to accomplish certain tasks within a timeline. I suspect that it is a combination of both things.

Still, one day, I hope to be able to remember to do simple tasks on a weekly basis – like posting for New Poetry Wednesday – in addition to continuing on with all of the projects demanding my attention and affection.

For today, the secondary draft of The Tears of Spring was printed out for editing and there is a possibility in the continuation of writing toward the three other aforementioned works.

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