Been a rather scream worthy day. The ebook pages for The Heart of Autumn and The Soul of Winter are perfectly formatted in the base files, the pdf files, and in the Kindle upload previews but, in reality, they recently lost all their page breaks and most of the line breaks. Argh! They were fine a few weeks back. Not sure what happened to make them become condensed. Extremely frustrating. I will try to fix them this week but probably not until next week. I am a sad little cupcake.

It has been awhile since I posted anything for New Poetry Wednesday. Trying to come up with something for this Wednesday…uncertain which already written piece I should post or perhaps a completely new written today piece.

The decluttering continues…slowly but it continues… Progress is also starting to be seen which is a fantastic motivator. Nothing worse than doing a ton of work and never having any proof – internal or external – that it was completed. Things would probably go a little quicker if I stopped looking at floor plans for smaller homes along with foreclosure listings. There are 3 immensely important things a new home needs – 1. less than 1300 square feet, 2. a functional layout, and 3. an inexpensive price tag. It amazes me how many small homes manage to have a lot of their space wasted by awkward halls, strange closets, and odd room placement.

What I lack in perkiness and optimism, I make up for with enthusiastic quirkiness and procrastination tendencies. 🙂

The Tears of Spring will come out soon as a Kindle book. I had intended for it to come out in April but I have been most indecisive about what pieces should go into it. I think I have finally settled on a lineup. The general edits are done. Just need to format and upload. Of course, I need to figure out what went wrong with the other books so I can apply the corrections to this one too.

Work forges ahead on A Hundred Flames and Smoke & Spirit. Why I thought it would be neat to try and get two 100 poem chapbooks written at the same time is beyond me but it is happening. At the current writing rate (and the continued preference of them over the novels in verse), I should have them done by the end of the year. Still finding it strange that both have a fire-like reference in the title. Did not plan for them to be that way.

Suppose I should stop procrastinating and continue getting the office stuff moved to its new location that out of the way of the work going on with the rest of the house.

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