Good Ideas Don’t Always Last

As I further progress in extracting myself from the mire of my house, I find myself leaning more towards a homesteading lifestyle. This is an asinine intention. I’m all for eco-friendly products, green housing, and organic foods but homesteading? I think not yet I have this notion that it would be worth while.

It is a good idea, maybe even a great idea, but it won’t last. There are a lot of good ideas and intentions that lie still as death under my feet. I get an idea, run with it for awhile, hit a wall, and I go back to things most familiar. This leaves the idea to wither and die.

A large portion of the clutter is remnants of ideas long since dead. I find the remnants, wonder what it was, remember, and think ‘why the hell did I think that it was something worth my time/money?’ Yes, a person should try new things and I do try but more inclined for the familiar.

A noticed pattern that has become clear over the last few weeks as I become more firmly intrenched in my resolve to declutter.

Another recent pattern (that probably won’t last) is that I use the same eight kitchen items over and over every day when I hand wash the dishes. I’ve been hand washing the dishes for over a week. I hate doing dishes yet I find something soothing in washing these dishes. My dishwasher has been serving as a drying rack. There has been the thought of not having a dishwasher should I downsize but that is ridiculous.

Writing is why I think this pattern will go away soon. When I devote my focus to writing or other creative pursuits, the housework slips away from me. This is further aggravated by ‘bad health days’ which are extremely frequent. These reasons are also why homesteading and living the  nomadic life in a motor home are unreasonable ideas when moved beyond paper and thought.

I know why the motor home is such a tantalizing idea but embarking on the idea won’t fix the reasons why. Must bear the reasons and try to ease their burden without ‘running away’.

Reading back through what I have just written for this post, I have further proof of another pattern. My ideas and notions are very sporadic and, at times, conflicting. It comes as no surprise that I have several writing projects going at one time and none are done quite yet. They will be at some point though.

There are ideas that stick and stay but I have to complete them on my own timetable. Functioning on my own timetable keeps everything in my world from spiraling into absolute chaos. The only thing that can survive not being on a timetable is editing work for others. I get it done promptly and move it along as I can go back to my own “world”. I suppose it is because editing is such a right brain oriented task that it is not victim to the left brain’s flights of fancy.

Decluttering and downsizing cannot and will not be ideas that wither and die. If I do not complete them, I will have ultimately learned nothing and remain stagnant in every aspect. I cannot cling to tattered life that way. Need to grow, heal, and reassemble.

3 thoughts on “Good Ideas Don’t Always Last

  1. Downsizing is its own reward. I have gone through various spates of downsizing over the years, starting about 15 years ago when I decided to give up credit. That was the biggest clutter in my life…credit allowed me to buy buy buy even when I didn’t need it. When I stopped doing that, I simplified other things, and then started to get rid of things I didn’t need. And more things I didn’t need/use. At one point I invited over six ladies, and had my teenage son drag out the FOURTEEN BINS of fabric I was hoarding (and not sewing). by the time I got done letting them take what they wanted, I had two bins of fabric left. I thought I would regret it. But I never have, and that was 5 or 6 years ago. When we moved from Missouri, we got rid of at least half of our things. There were things we replaced when we got here, but we had a massive garage sale, made a couple thousand dollars, and there’s very little I wish I still had now, almost a year later. It is cleansing…it is nice to walk into uncluttered space, and to be able to find all the things you need to do your projects, without having to dig through. In fact, I find I do MORE projects and finish more projects simply because I have everything where I can find it and easily get to it.

    The reason homesteading/simple living are so appealing to you is because that type of lifestyle is clean, streamlined, without clutter, in so many ways. But it’s also a lot of work, and since I’m pretty lazy, it would never happen with me either. I love the fact that I rent instead of own, I never have to fix anything. I love that I have an HOA because it means I don’t have to cut the grass, and any gardening I do can be for pleasure, not because I’m trying to keep up the value of the place. Doing these things has simplified my life in a lot of ways, and I find other ways to do so as well.

    But it definitely takes dedication, and remembering to think before you buy/gather/take on.


    1. I understand why homesteading appeals to me but it is somewhat opposite of how I function around my life. I understand why simple living and downsizing appeals to me, it is called sanity. Unfortunately, things like HOA are not affordable for me or I would consider moving to a smaller place that had such.


    2. Oh and I have 30+ boxes of fabric that I am hoping to get rid of once I sort through them to see if there is anything worth keeping. 14 is nothing. I’m trying to downsize the 30+ to 3.


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