Worse Case Scenario Or Where I May Be Paranoid

As Colorado comes under siege by fire, I find myself consumed with the ‘what if this happens to me?’ line of thought. I do live in an area where large long burning fires are immensely rare but, as the Waldo Canyon Fire has proven, no area is exempt. In the nature of this thought, I contemplated what was critical for me to take in an evacuation – beyond the basics of identification, credit cards, car & car keys – and most of it pertained to intellectual property. Laptop, backup drive for the laptop and desktop, a set of notebooks with story ideas yet to be typed, iPod, eReader, and a bag containing heraldry submissions’ paperwork. In addition to those things, there were items for my three fur kids – their carriers, travel cages for the guinea pigs, a bit of food, water bottles and disposable litter box for the feline. The only item of absolute irreplaceable sentimental value is a bracelet my great grandfather made for me. I keep it housed in a small fireproof briefcase with a passport and some of the intellectual property. Late last night, I found myself collect these critical items in haste and grouping them together. All the pet carriers are unzipped and staged so they are ready to do their job. The travel cages and disposable litter box found their way into the trunk of my car since they are rather awkward to get out in a hurry.

Traumatized by the potential prospect of losing thousands of books but at least 60% of them are logged and I plan to log the rest in the next few days so I have a listing of what needs to be replaced. Decidedly, if I have time, I will grab a couple absolutely favorite books, the few award scrolls (with their one-of-a-kind illumination) I’ve been given, sewing machine and KitchenAid mixer. Yes, these things can be replaced (more or less) but I figure the sewing machine and books will come in handy distracting me from myself should the house go up in flames.

As I type this, it comes across as fairly major paranoia but those fires keep coming and it
never hurts to be somewhat prepared.

Away from the planning for a worst case scenario, I find irony. I am 16 poetry pieces away from completing two poetry collections – A Hundred Flames and Smoke & Spirit. Fires and smoke throughout Colorado and I am writing books with flames and smoke being used in a metaphoric fashion. I’ve been writing the collections for about nine months so there is no correlation but still there is a thread of irony in the present.

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