New Poetry Wednesday – Monsoon


the world floats by, waiting
waiting for the end to come
a burning viola that cannot stop
pulling its own strings
a save time frame and olive branch
to the end of time, end of the world

holding fast to the sanity
as I converse with myself
break of dawn in Atlantis
temple like Taj Mahal
lemon sun raining down
in the monsoon, dance to the end
as the waves caress and convalesce over
sinking pit of soul eroding under
the weight of stupidity
dance away into the night
trying to hold onto the sake of self
disbelieving in the past
dance, my darling, to the end of the world

as the hounds come before horses
horses four, hounds so many, snapping
at the heels of the fleeing but nothing
can change just the end absolute
the end gliding down
a dancer’s steps hold fast
beauty within that comes
thought and intelligence life above
world to embrace the moon

dance me to the end of the world
beholden to this fate are we as we ate
at the end like Atlantis under waves
we fell swimming, dancing as dolphins
while they break against useless tidal
pull under deadly riptides, pulling
destroying anything built here
in this place, this solitude meant
keep us safe as the sky falls
onto the rest who denied the coming
the coming of the end
when the horses’ hoofs sounded
announcing the cavalcade to deaf ears

dance me to the end, my darling
as if it should change the fate
befalling on to us
the burning viola blows splinters in simoom
surrounding our footsteps by the sand

dance me to the end of the world
coming so sweetly in musical notes
across paper bars marking out the timing
going quick and slow
all in the same beat
the world floats by waiting
waiting for the end to come here

you and I dance, my darling
dancing as the sand and water swirls
pulling us down to our deaths
deaths that are most merciful
compared to what is coming
what is coming for the rest
outside of our little dream

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