Release Day and Milestones

Today is the release of The Breath of Summer, the fourth installment of the Seasons of Self series. The series has been a long time coming. Been wanting to publish them for years but kept postponing. Now they are out there for public consumption.

New Poetry Wednesday came and went barely noticed  as I was entrenched in decluttering my poetry files. 960+ poems in count but 50 of them are missing in action. They’ve been missing for quite awhile. It use to be 70 pieces missing in action but, at some point, 20 of them worked their way back into the fold. Then there are handful or two hiding out among my blogs that are not logged on the master list.

I found a slew of poems from the same time frame as Seasons of Self that I want to share. I have decided to release them as a series of seven chapbooks over the next few months. The series will be called Moments of Self. The Kisses of Midnight and The Blood of Night will be released first.

Little Lines I Shared with Death has finished with edits and formatting. A little apprehensive about publishing this collection because it consists works from the beginning while I was still trying to find my poetic voice.

The edits for Smoke & Spirit are coming along nicely. I am very confident that it will be done in the next week or so.

The first draft of A Hundred Flames was completed last Wednesday. I believe it should be 100% ready for a release date in February 2013. Very excited about it.

I started A Hundred Flames in July 2011 and Smoke & Spirit in November 2011. To have them both done – at 100 poems a piece – is fantastic and amazing. I am in awe of the writing endurance I seem to have. Not sure where it came from but it is something to further embrace.

Eight pieces into a new poetry book, Ink & Ice.

Still trudging along with The Cupcake Verses. Writing a cookbook is not an easy task no matter how many recipes you have.

In the process of prepping for NaNoWriMo. November has a tendency to sneak up on me, and I am extremely determined to finished Reaper’s Moon this year. I am hoping that I can focus solely on it instead of having ADD like last year. I need to make sure all projects being published before year end are completely ready to go by October in order to aid with the much desired focus. Smoke & Spirit and five chapbooks are the only projects remaining. The chapbooks are almost done – just have formatting to complete.
Clearly, I have been busy although it often doesn’t seem that way to me. I am my own worst critic. 🙂

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