Vacation Time!

It is officially National Novel Writing Month. Also known as the month where I get the most writing done because I pretty much ignore everything else in my life beyond the essentials. The perfect vacation.

This year, I may actually get the first draft of Reaper’s Moon done. I spent a portion of October finding the holes in the story and figuring out the remaining chapters that fill the void between where I left it and where I need it to end up. I have my prompts ready to go. There’s not a whole lot left to it. Currently,  it is very minimalistic on overall word count but high in page count as all novels in verse are.

I hope to do a lot of work on Ink & Ice and Unlined & Undertakers too. My hope is to have them done by August/September 2013 – similar to the timeline I had achieved with Smoke & Spirit and Flare & Fetter. Ink & Ice stands at twelve poems done and Unlined & Undertakers is at twenty-six pieces.

I think I am in a good head space for a very productive NaNoWriMo. I worked really hard in September & October on editing, formatting, and beta reading everything I was publishing in late 2012/early 2013 and Reaper’s Moon to be ready. In addition to all the writing work, there was the massive decluttering of the storage room. I thought it might kill me if I did not have a major panic attack first.

I am definitely ready for my vacation…

And if you’re looking for a vacation, please check out my books. All the Kindle versions are free starting today. The free promotion runs until the 4th.

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