NaNoWriMo 2012 – Day 7

Having had surprising success yesterday by making it to 10,027, I woke up optimistic that I would make today’s word count even though I did not finish the data entry work yesterday. Alas, I got to eat my optimism with the bitter spoon of reality. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome decided it wanted to dance all over today. So immensely tired and caffeine does nothing.

A lot of people do not understand “invisible” chronic illness and mistake folks like me for being lazy. But let me tell you, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and its friend, Fibromyalgia, are very real. They very much enjoy messing up my life constantly. I was dearly hoping they would let me have a vacation but it was too much to hope for. CFS makes me very depressed and apathetic. It makes writing interesting. Emotional numbness does not inspire the emotional reflection upon which poetry is built.

I did flee my home in hopes a change of scenery might inspire me to write. A few free writes did create a handful poems but most of what was written are random thoughts with kvetching about how tired I am, how I should of stayed home. Even with the shortcomings, I managed to accomplish today’s word count. The free writes are always entertaining to read later on because they never really seem like me especially on days like these. More often than not, they inspire a poetry piece later on.

Ink & Ice is at 49 pieces and Unlined & Undertakers is at 46. No progress on anything else yet as I continue to be ignored.

This NaNoWriMo is a long haul for certain and I cannot figure out the stumbling blocks. Usually, it is so much easier. I even came prepared for this one.

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