And December Begins

2012 WinnerNaNoWriMo has come and gone. I finished on November 27th with a word count of 50, 609. This amounts to a minimum of 104 poems and ~40 pages of free writing. I have begun sorting through and editing the works in the NaNoWriMo files as I move them over to their master files. If I was not dividing up the bulk of the work between two poetry books, I would have a completed poetry book which fulfills the base essence of NaNoWriMo. I would have liked to have finished both poetry books but, overall, I am pleased with my progress. There is still the potential of getting one done with the pieces in the free writes.

I have spent the days since being somewhat of a slacker as I was feeling very exhausted. When I was not exhausted, I was catching up on some housework that had been neglected for a few weeks. A lot of housework and other things still need to be done…sadly.

Today marks the start of the finishing work for Little Lines I Shared with Death for its release date next week. Even when the files appear perfect, a formatting flaw is always found. It is inevitable.

December also marks a short break for New Poetry Wednesday. I am a little too preoccupied with editing work to keep tabs on it plus all the new poetry is mixed into the NaNoWriMo files for the time being.

The progress stats, so far, for November:

Ink & Ice – 60 poems written for a current total of 72
Unlined & Undertakers – 41 poems written for a current total of 67
Danse Obscura – 2 pieces written
Reaper’s Moon – 1 piece written

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