When Winter Comes…

I find myself in a blogging mood this morning which strikes me as odd. Blogging isn’t really my thing. There are a numerous writing articles out there saying that blogging is good for motivating a writer but, I find, it doesn’t really help a poet. I started blogging as a way to get get my books out there, and to share what I am the most passionate it about. Poetry has always been a passion but I have another one too. My other fairly recent passion is tiny homes. I have finally decided to start blogging about tiny homes and my journey toward having one over at Tiny House Dreams.

On December 11, 2012, Little Lines I Shared with Death was published. Due to my battle with a cold, I did not mark this milestone. Very saddened by that. Little Lines is a collection of work that I wrote in the first five years of ‘taking my writing seriously’, and while finding my poetic voice. While I did write prior to high school, I have no idea where any of that writing is.

Yesterday, I baked spritz cookies which are my all time favorite cookies. I tried a new recipe featuring whole wheat pastry flour and honey. I made them for a family gathering on the 25th. The problem with making one’s favorite cookies, a few days before the intended event, is ignoring their siren song. I did set aside several cookies for myself  but they are gone now. Had some for an evening snack and the rest became breakfast along with fruit smoothie.

Even though I had no intention of attending write-ins during the month of December, I am heading to one today. Going a little stir crazy at home. I am hoping to finish sorting through the NaNoWriMo 2012 free writes to free all those poems then type up more of the formerly MIA poems. Write-Ins this time of year are not known for their productivity but trying to remain optimistic that I will get work done.

New Poetry Wednesday will begin again on Jan. 2, 2013.

I hope everyone is having decent and, hopefully, minimally stressful holiday season.

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