Two More Books

Two more poetry books are officially done.

Ink & Ice was completed at 5:50am today with a piece called Peplum. I ended up writing it by the light of my cell phone while half asleep. Very happy that I keep a notebook and pen by the bed for such wake-up calls.

I finished Unlined & Undertakers at 3:30pm with a piece called Incubus. It was written during a write-in at one of my favorite coffee shops.

I will begin final edits and formatting on these two books in March.

Their completion marks 215 poems written in about six months with 120 of them written during NaNoWriMo. Two all-new writing records for me. I am extremely excited and shocked by these accomplishments.

Work has also begun on Obiter & Oleander and Kirsch & Kersoene. I am hoping for a very productive February of writing for them.

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