The Perils of Writing

Had this brilliant idea today. I figured I would go to a coffee shop in a city that I normally do not go to. The first five coffee shops were packed to the gills. Decidedly, it is a sad day when a writer cannot find a coffee shop to write in. I was heading to a familiar business, Panera Bread, having struck out on the coffee shops when I remembered there was a small coffee shop in the shopping center I was near. It wasn’t too busy and had ample available seating. Oh happy day! The only problem with Good Measure Coffee & Tea, in Louisville, CO, is the lack of outlets for computer. This lack means I was unable to stay as long as I would have liked. There was a power strip but, for some reason, my computer refused to acknowledge the power coming though it. Nevertheless, spent a decent amount of time writing while enjoying a Turtle (chocolate & caramel) latte.

As I was getting ready this morning, the verse novels decided to chat it up. I was ecstatic until I went to write. They stopped their incessant yammering as soon as I picked up a pen and/or came near the laptop. Little bastards. I would really, really like to finish at least one of my novels this year but they are being mighty uncooperative. At this rate, I will never finish any of the novels even though the concepts are fantastic.

Three poems so far for today to go with the two I wrote yesterday afternoon. Not feeling overzealous with the writing right now but this is common for the start of WriMo. My writing mojo is good for the first day or two then a lull followed by a whole lot of progress later in the month.

Been looking for some new music and one of my cousins (who has the same first & last name as me – there are three of us!) suggested New Kids on the Block. Sorry but I did not care for them in their heyday and I still do not care for them. Never really enjoyed music from any of the boy bands.

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