Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013 – Day 2

Day 2 is brought to you by 4 hours of sleep and not nearly enough caffeine to compensate for the lack. My mood and inspiration is as overcast as the Colorado sky. Fortunately, the sky will bring rain which will bring a clean slate, a rebirth to the earth. I wish the overcast nature would bring the same to me.

I did get two and a half poems written just after midnight again. The other half was written a little after 11:30am. Today’s NaPoWriMo installment is Crest. The first line came to me early in the day yesterday but it did not want to be fleshed out at that time.

Cleanse is talking to me a little bit. If I could just get my fingers to stop tripping over the keys and my brain to wake up enough to listen, I may make some progress on it.

Had one of those ‘writer’s problems’ today. The espresso machine decided to throw a fit so I went to setup the one cup coffee machine but it was missing the most critical pieces. I searched for the pieces but they eluded me. I did manage to get the espresso machine to give up a cup of mocha goodness but it was a battle. Also, Starbucks’ Blond Roast is bitter. Glad I just purchased a $1 sample bag of it. At least I have iced coffees and teas to get me through this month, and to give me the chance to find those missing pieces and/or repair the espresso machine. Still, there are those moments where a writer really needs to have coffee. Today was that kind of day for me and I was left unfulfilled. And iced coffee is not the same…

A week from today is the release date for Seasons of Self: Autumn & Winter. It is a poetry collection consisting of The Heart of Autumn and The Soul of Winter. It will only be available as a paperback. It may eventually be available as Kindle book but it would be the same price as buying both of the individual Kindle books.

I think I should stop writing the bulk of these blog posts in the middle of the day. The updates added later make me sound kind of scatter brained but oh well. Writing these posts out early – and in between poems – help me get the creative juices flowing. I should not be writing right now. I have guinea pig cages to clean and laundry to do. I was supposed do such things yesterday but other tasks took far longer than intended.

And this where the moment arrives. That moment where I get too distracted by daily life and do not come back to write again. The very reason as to why I have alternating months of writing and other stuff. There is always something to do and I never have enough energy to get it all done along with carving out writing time. I know it is a burden that all writers must bear. It is annoying the ever-living crap out of me today.

Overcast and a touch cynical.

Moving on, moving on….

I discovered that I did not log several poems from last month into the listing of poems so all my book counts are off. I worked on getting everything put into their respected files and the listing updated. Keeping 1230+ poems organized with unique titles is hard work but the spreadsheet is doing a good job as long as I remember to put the information in.

The giveaway for the Kindle books of Smoke & Spirit, Flare & Fetter, and Little Lines I Shared with Death is going strong. This promotion lasts until April 5th. The paperback version of Flare & Fetter is still on sale for $9.99 until April 30th.

If you have picked up a copy of any or all of my books, please leave reviews on Amazon and/or GoodReads. I would love to know what you think of them!

Today’s final counts are:
1 poem for Kirsch & Kerosene
3 poems for Obiter & Oleander
1 piece for novels in verse – Cleanse
963 total words
1 NaPoWriMo Post
1 Camp NaNoWriMo/Free Books Post
Other writing organizational stuff

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